Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things I learnt for the past few weeks

Hi folks!

Last week had been a both busy and fulfilling week for me. As I had
mentioned in my previous post; by far Dec 2010 is the month I loved
most in year 2010. Why? 'Cos it is the month I am both very busy yet
very much attuned/ close with my true heart.

I have done a lot more things in Dec which have greatly added towards
the value and perspective in my life. Some of the few highlights are:

1. Learning and keep practise what you have learnt to be proficient at it
Whether it is driving, giving speech, or even cooking. We have to put
our heart in the task besides our time alone to add soul to it.

2. Keep learning something new
Learning new things keeps me humbled and nurtured. Knowing how much is
lacking in me and how much hidden potential one have internal through
various new exposures by picking up something new and foreign to us is
a totally enriching process.
I took up a paid flower arrangement course in Dec from the $ I saved
by taking a break from work for a week while babysitter is away.
Taking care and spending time with them rather than engaging someone
to care for them during dat week alone gave me he fund I needed for
some self-enrichment course. :) thx to my bosses & colleagues who
granted my leave then :)

3. To speak from the heart and dare to speak out for something you
believe in & which will benefit others at the same time
The pic of the cute animal above reminds me of a documentary they shot
on the annual hunting season in the cold Canada whereby hundreds of
these lovely animals are beaten bloodily, hunted for their private
parts alone and then left to bled to death.

A wise One once said," If you want to know why there in still war in a
civilized society, just put your ear on the wall of a slaughterhouse."

Another wise man also said, "To know how civilized a country is, just
look at how the animals are being treated in their land.

Indeed, when these animals are still being treated with much cruelty
by human, how can there be real world peace. Imagine the kind of
sadness, pain & hatred generated during each slaughtering process.

Although I have been a vegetarian since I was 9. This is very much a
personal choice which I have never like to enforce upon others.
Yet,after watching the documentaries, witnessing the deterioration of
the environment and human's health at large( now hearing someone
getting cancer seems as common as hearing someone having flu), I felt
there is more I can do to promote vegetarian amongst people around me.
I admit I felt rather guilty too that I have not been doing my part as
much as I should knowing the much benefits of vegetarian to the world,
to own karma and to one's health.

After my own mom who was on-off vegetarian herself was warned to watch
her diet or risk going for dialysis and cancer treatment really makes
my heart wrenched for not doing enough to influence her in a positive
way and maintain a healthy vegetarian diet.

So much so to speak , to all who are reading this, I would like to
strongly encourage that everyone to start from somewhere whether from
every 1st & 15th on the lunar calendar or like the ever-growing US
folks adopting meatless Monday diet!

There's a lot more we can do to maintain a more live-able place for
our next generation!

Cheers! :)


What my two kids love doing..

Hi folks!

KY is 4 1/2 & Shone is 2 1/2's been sometime since I record
down their milestone...

These two sis-bro loves:
1. Playing on our iPhone every night, every car trip on every single
day. Their doting daddy will update the phones with new apps almost
daily. And both of them know how to download their fav. Ultraman and
Mr. Bean YouTube to the phone too.
2. Both somehow love singing in the loo while doing their big biz :P
3. Both loves to fight to press the lift button
4. Both have separate sleeping hour( Shone is an early-riser/sleeper
and KY is the total opposite)
5. One loves fruits and d other love junk food
6. Both loves to run n race
7. They can have role-playing/ pretend play for hours( playing
doctors, chef, teacher-student,etc)... Now who says only gadgets
interest kids nowadays?
8. Both loves drinking yakult & ribena
9. Both love asking so much questions at the same time
10. At this age, the younger one refused to be carried while the older
one simply refused to walk on her own. ( it is still a challenge to
bring them out alone on my own; I had to make a deal to get them to
cooperate with me before I can have the gut to go for our adventure
without DH... Things like .. Don't fight in d car while Mom is driving
or I will lost my way ...:P kept asking them to check out parking
space or direction for me to get them to participate and coorporate
throughout the trip...)

Still has a lot more to learn and check out with my two kids( God's gift).

I hope to communicate more with them n spend more outdoor and have
more DIY adventures with them this year!

How about you? Anything you like to venture out with ur kids this year?

Cheers & enjoy our time with at different stages of their life.. For
me it is "Curiousity stage now!" haha..

Friday, January 14, 2011

Confused at the Telco bill

Hi folks!

Maybe I am not good at accounting. But seriously this is not what I understand about monthly commitment fee advertised by the telco. company.
Let's say we subscribe for monthly commitment fee of MYR30, and we only used for MYR15, would you expect your bill to be more than MYR30??? Or, you would
expect your bill to be within MYR30??!!!

I don't expect my bill to be anything more than the MYR30 unless that MYR30 is a "monthly subscription fee" that I am unaware at this age of stiff telco. business..

Check your bills and enlighten me do the telco charges you?

Confused and feel cheated!!

My Hardworking Child/Children Contest

Hi folks!

Here's another contest run by a blogger buddy, Transformed Housewife.


It's her very first time I'm organizing a contest here in her blog. And here I am supporting and joining in the fun!

Now, what are the steps needed?

1-  You have to be follower in "Transformed Housewife" and "Crazy Abt Contests " blogs. (checked twice-Done)
2-  This is open to all Malaysian bloggers. If you are currently residing in other country, please provide an address in Malaysia if you are named one of the winners.(Yes, I am)
3-   Please put up the banner at the sidebar and in your entry with the link to this entry. (orite..done)
4-   Choose the best photo of your child/children that are doing something or busy helping you doing any tasks at home (if you have more than one, submit only one photo that include them all or just 
 choose one of them).(Since I have submitted once for KY during past contest, this time I like to submit one of Shone's pic-see below)
5-    Your child/children must be in the range of 0- 6 years old.  (Yep, Shone is 2 1/2)
5-    You are encouraged to tag 2 or more of your friends. (this is OPTIONAL) (folks, pls. volunteer and tag yourself :P)
6-    Leave the permanent link to your contest entry here in the comment box after you have published your entry.

There'll be 3 winners. Yippee yey!!! Excited!!
Here's my Hardworking Child, Shone; helping me to cut the vegetables for dinner.

Happy Birthday to another hardworking child- Fathini, the BIRTHDAY GIRL.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Loving Minerals Makeup Giveaway

Hi folks!

Have you heard of Minerals Makeup? I had but yet to try them.

Now I spotted this giveaway at LitteMama's Diary and love to win & try it :)


The answer for this giveaway is : Izzah is wearing green colour ribbon.

Contest ends 25th January, 2011!

Check it out if you like to win Loving Minerals Makeup too!


Apple 1-Day Shopping Day, 14 Jan 2011?

Hi folks,

Stumbled upon this...woohoo..Apple fans..getting your new year gift for yourself?



14 January 2011

Apple 1-Day Shopping Event

The special one-day Apple Shopping event.

Friday January 14

Check out the Apple Online Store and start

planning your list today

iPad – From RM1549


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iPod Nano – From RM549

iPod Touch – From RM829

iPod Classic – Just RM899

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Mac Book Pro – From RM3899

Mac Book Air – From RM3299

Mac Mini – From RM2399

iMac – From RM3899

Mac Pro – From RM8199

*FAST FREE Shipping on orders over RM250*

Country Farm Organics Warehouse Sale,13-16 January 2011

Hi folks!

This year I am planning to get my CNY in more natural and "organic form"

Here's a good chance to stock up goods...

Sharing it with u all!



13-16 January 2011

Country Farm Organics Warehouse Sale

Discount up to 70%

Don't Miss These Great Offers

Country Farm Organics is back for Four Days

Enjoy wide range of Organic & Natural products as low as RM1.00

Support a healthier lifestyle and

reward your loved ones with CFOs products today!

Location (Tel 603 7880 9936)

28 Jalan PJU 3/49

Sunway Damansara

Petaling Jaya

Selangor, Malaysia

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Take part in Astro PVR Change your Life Contest today & win a trip to KK! (Preview)

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Take part in Astro PVR Change your Life Contest today & win a trip to KK! (Preview)

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Are you an Advocate, an Investor, a Manager or a Hopeful? (Preview)

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Are you an Advocate, an Investor, a Manager or a Hopeful? (Preview)

Car Accessories Warehouse Sale, 14-30 January 2011

Hi folks,

New year is here..when we hunt around for new year we also thought of getting some car accessories?

If you do, check out the sales below :)



14-30 January 2011

Car Accessories Warehouse Sale

Products Offered

Stoplock – From RM1xx

Air Freshner – From RM2

Ignition Cable Set – RM10

Car Shampoo – From RM5

Wash Mitt – From RM3

Brands Offered







Time : 10am to 7pm

Location (Tel 603 7845 3733)

Goodlife Office

10 Jalan Apollo U5/190

Bandar Pinggiran Subang

Seksyen 1 Subang 2

Shah Alam

I love my blog: Everything about my blog & Happy New Year 2011

Hi folks!

I've received a tag from Transformed Housewife (a.k.a. Kak Nura) , a blogger buddy I got to know from blog-hopping :) and here's some questions I need to answer as part of the tagging fun...(I think some of these tagging helped us to rethink and enable others(& ourself) to get to know us better as well :)
So Kak Nura, here I am "menyahut" or taking up your "challenge"/ "tak marah"(not angry at all.. :) All for fun! haha......
Ready? Okay. Let's go to the first question:

1.  What's the history of the blog's name and the story behind the header and background?

      The name for this blog came about when I was pregnant with my second child. I was unprepared then for a second child. KY was only 1 year old then. My initial plan was to try VBAC(Vaginal Birth After C-section) after 2 years :) But God sent us our gift earlier...thus I turn to blogging to record my pregnancy journey and later on sharing about parenthood journey with my friends.

The header was a DIY one, one which I did in year 2009 after waiting for months for my Graphic Designer DH to create one for me...I just took it up to stride and create it as how i feel it...I love the kids on the activity I loved doing with my kids too :) swinging happily....singing our favourite tune...

2. How frequent do you update your blog?

 Almost daily.

3. Why do you want to blog?

As a sharing platform, my journal, my thoughts, something I want to remind myself and share with others.

4. List down 5 things about your blog.

    One-   Mostly I wrote in English (but soon, there shall be other languages..hehe...this is part of my new year resolution!)
    Two-   You can find some nice vegetarian eating places from here since my family & I are vegetarian.
    Three- Love shopping like I do? You will find some lady/family/baby related sales notices here!
    Four-   I blog from mobile 70% of the time starting from this year. So at times you'll find very little text and more pictures taken from my iPhone
    Five-    You can find some related blog shops link on my side bar which I frequented in my parenthood shopping

5.  List down 5 the best entries in your blog.

Hmm...why not you tell me? I am not sure which are the Best entries, but if you tell me which is the most visited 5, then yep, I can tell u from the statistics I got:
1. Any Good tukang urut(confinement massage)
2. Confinement Practices Sharing
3. What to buy for second or next baby..
4.A Visit to Dr. Koe clinic
5. JOHNSON'S(R) Baby : Touch – Infant Massage Workshop Series
(Note: Not in any ranking /sequence.)

6.  List down 3 unforgettable memories since you start blogging.

    One-    I won second prize in week 6 for Project Alpha for my entry : Project Alpha, went for adventure with my dad & kids, enjoyed ice-skating for free with KY and had adventurous moment with DH!
   Two-   Being Invited to PlayHouse Disney Get-Together with Parent Bloggers and getting to meet so many parent bloggers that I get to know only in cyberworld previously; some which have been frens for more than a year!
 Three-  Being invited as a Press crew to cover the first ever Peter Pan Musical held at Sunway Lagoon and giving live update from there (not to mention juggling with two kids at the same time...thanks DH for the help and support!)

7.  List down 10 of your favourite blogs.

    Hmm..favourite blogs...more like my daily read hehe...though some are not updated daily yet whenever there is any update, I will sure read it! They are:
  1. Transformed Housewife- The English teacher and ex-NZ expatriate with two lovely daughters
  2. Hanz : CHARM CHAMELEON CHATTERBOX- the green-living mama and CD-advocate
  3. Sasha from Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla- the pretty mama of two boys who are ever talented in Graphic Design and sewing
  4. Karen Cheng Snippets of Life- a Fashion and family blogger in Australia
  5. Kim Ong- the wife and PR Manager of Malaysian cyclist, Josiah Ng
  6. Eat Pray Love- official personal blog of Daphne Iking
  7. Sandier Pastures- a mommy blogger in Dubai
  8. Mombloggersplanet- Malaysian blog for mom bloggers
  9. Childhood 101- Aussie mommy blogger, winner of 2010 Parenting blog award
  10. Timothy Tiah- the co-founder of Nuffnang
8. How much do you love your blog?

   I love it as much as I love my start and end of the day...(that is when I mostly check /update my blog) & I always try to refer back to my blog post to recall some reference materials,dates or events.

9. 3 reasons why other people should always visit your blog?

  One-    To check out new things about parenthood whether is events, products or experience
  Two-    I blog almost daily
  Three-  I love sharing useful and most up-to-date events, products or happenings :)

10.  List down 10 bloggers that you want to tag :

- Feel free to tag yourself and leave your permalink/sharing of your blog post here at the comment box-

Happy Rabbit Year everyone! To all bloggers buddies, feel free to tag yourself and link back & leave a comment with your to read wat you wrote about ur blog too!          


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free Talk: How to Talk to Your Kids About Money & Career,Jan 15 2011

Hi folks,

I happened to come across this event at Parenthots:

Event's Topic: How to Talk to Your Kids About Money & Career

Venue: KDU University College, Section 13 campus (LH2), 76 Jalan University, Petaling Jaya

Target audience: Open to parents and youths aged 16-19

Date: Jan 15, from 10am-12noon at KDU University College,


Facilitator :Carol Yip, founder and CEO of Abacus for Money and The Abacus Academy


  •   The importance of life and career planning at a young age;
  •   How life stages and career impact personal financial planning;
  •   The importance of money in achieving career and life dreams, aspirations and goals;
  •   Learning money management and financial planning skills;
  •   The importance of identifying, applying and achieving personal financial goals;
  •   The effect of behavioural psychology on spending vs saving; and
  •   Savings, smart spending, wise investing and good debt management.

Interested? To register, call Nisha at (03) 7953-6979 or email by Jan 13.


Monday, January 10, 2011

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Are you an Advocate, an Investor, a Manager or a Hopeful? (Preview)

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Are you an Advocate, an Investor, a Manager or a Hopeful? (Preview)

Guess Market, Win iPad contest, ends 31 January 2011

Hi folks,
Fancy of winning an iPad? Check out the contest details at The Star Online here.
Cheers and have a lovelyMonday!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hi folks!

Today I had a rather heart-wrenching tasks to do from morning till nite.

Spent the whole morning& afternoon accompany my mom for mammogram, ultrasound,x-ray, blood test & consultation with a well-known TCM physician.

Receive news about a very close elderly auntie's funeral@nite. But I was so tired dat I overslept.

KY is having fever today. Yet to subside..

Hope tomoro a better day for all...Cherish d time & ppl while they ar still alive!


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