Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bed-wetting helpers

Hi folks remember the multi-purpose deodorizer I written my blog post the other day. Recently I suddenly recalled it and used it on my mattress after another “accident” (bed-wetting) by KY instead of using frebreeze as the latter the smell is kind of too strong for me..

And guess what I found, not only it helps to reduce the yellowish stain, the slightly smelly odour plus it helps to suck up the wetness being powder form it is compared to liquid form(I mean frebreeze). Perfect!!

Wow..I think I should get a few more of this and try experiment it with other purpose....since it is non-toxic and is not too costly plus it's to support single and physically-challenged moms.

Hopefully KY picks up soon (night time toilet training) and I won’t be using the whole bottle for this purpose alone..I am sure you can KY! Gambatei!

Cheers for the day!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Language development update

Recently I find my two kids language development amazing….

And something I find it useful is STIMULATION. It is a proven act I did unknowingly (not on purpose) makes both of them (BOTH) pick up the same word- “STAR” before one year old.

What kind of stimulation I meant? While both of them is still a newborn, I am fond of having a minor wall d├ęcor, i.e. sticking those luminous plastic sticker-like stars and galaxy (erm forgot the brand or the actual term but I am sure many of you get what I meant..if you do not know…pls. leave your comment as I can’t find any pictures of it yet :P my apology). So each time I turned off the lights, I would bring them near the wall and tell them that object is STAR….and very fast they will repeat back to you …”STAR…..”

In fact, “STAR” is the first word for KY instead of nen-nen, or mam-mam.

So, allow me to jot down the language development for my two kids for their future reading haha..(if my blog still exist then..and I guess that’s what online journal for isn’t it?)




First Word milestone

@ 4-5 months’ old

- Star

@ 4-5 months’ old

 – “che che” as in sister

Current milestone

@ 2 yrs, 10 months

Can speak in clear full sentence..picking up language real FAST!


Lately, hear her scolding people, “STUPID”, sigh…picking up the good and bad from audios “stimulation” around her

@ 11 months

-    che che (sister)

-    ta ta (beat)

-    star

-   nen-nen

-    mam-mam

-  bao bao (carry me) 

- bao bao(lower tone- bread)


Her first song sang at one year old is “Negaraku”. I even recorded in video when she sang it once..haha

Likes to sing along and follow my gestures on the song- Incy Wincy Spider



Thursday, May 28, 2009

Does your Men/DH cooks?

Even though most big chef are men(you may disagree with me), but most of the household cooks are mainly women.

How many of you has a male cook at home? Personally, I have a friend whose father is not only a good cook but he renovated his kitchen to be like those hotel kitchen whereby he can cook over big fire…haha I think you guys know what I meant….compared to our conventional gas stove that most household own. And he is so into cooking that he even engage chef to teach him how to cook those special dishes. (wow….)

Another notable real-life example around me would be my bil who even during his courting days with my sister, he often cook dishes like nasi lemak, curry etc (he’s from Malacca so most of his dishes are spicy ones..:P ) and is really as yummy as what you can find at those hawker stalls or eateries.

Even though my DH hardly cooks, but he is very good at it (theoretically). At one mouthful or one sip or one look, he can tells me what seasoning, ingredients or cooking method is missing(like over-cooked or steps not in right sequence)…which sometimes makes me “FIRE” yet I am very thankful for his comment as I am a better cook now(well..if he hears this I think there’s a long road to go…still lotsa improvement to be made).

Lately while we trying to bring lunch from home and cook simple dishes for dinner due to the fact that by the time we got home, it was rather late and elaborate dinner would mean very very late dinner. DH has offered several times to help me with the dinner preparation (which mostly consist of noodle soup or “kon lou”-dried noodles with soup as side dishes). And it is real yummy even without or with little other ingredients. Even if he cook only empty kon lou noodle(yep with nothing at all…) it taste SO GOOD! Though, I would often offer to prepare vegetables and other side dishes to make it a more wholesome meal.

And, few days back, while I was preparing to fried vermicelli for our lunch, my son suddenly poo poo, thus I asked DH whether he could help to change the diaper and wash Shone’s bottom, yet he took up the challenge and offered to fried the vermicelli instead..haha...why I said challenge? ‘Cos besides kon lou noodle, burger, rojak, instant noodle (yup that’s all I think), I have yet to taste the vermicelli cooked by him!

And the result…voila…it is YUMMY allrite!

Plus, the main point is I am happy to know that my DH don’t mind or willing to chip in with meal preparation now…

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zoobies Giveaway at TLC!

Hi folks,

Lil Caliph is having a Zoobies Giveaway. Check it out how you can win one of these cute Zoobies here.

All you need to do is put  a comment on their giveaway on:
a. Why you love Zoobies, and which animal character that you love most (from their current collections)
b. Which new animal character from above that you love to see them bring next (please choose maximum 3 best).
2. 3 winners will be selected based on the 50th, 100th and 150th comments.

Personally, I love Zoobies as it is soft and cuddly for the kids and I love the hippo(see pic above) most.

I hope Lil Caliph can bring in the Bumble Bee, Teddy Bear and Snail in next as they are the favourite characters for my kids...

Let's join this giveaway and hopefully win a Zoobies for our kids...


My blog was Reviewed...

Sometime back I have submitted my blog to be reviewed by and they have made a review on my blog. Check out their review here.

The reason why I pluck up my courage and submitted my blog to be reviewed despite knowing how empty, simple and "novice" my blog is because I had wanted to redesign my blog and what is better if I can redesigned it after getting feedback from not only myself but from more people especially from pro panelists...haha...and of course by many pro bloggers out there...

So, stay tune for my little upgrades and redesign on my blog soon...when it happened...I hope you won't think that you have arrived at wrong site(which I doubt you willl..since I doubt it would be any massive redesign being time-constraint I am :P )

Meanwhile, I welcome feedbacks and comments from all folks...negative + positive....

Thanks folks for dropping by my made me feel *delighted*...

Cheers to all folks!

Dumpling Festival

As I was talking about Teochew bak chang (dumpling) with one blogger, my mom made us some last weekend...taste yummy...with my not-to-be-missed lingham 100% chilli sauce. Mom's food still taste best! Right folks? :) 

I wonder what food I made would be my kids' favourite..hmm...more experiments to go....

Cheers and Happy Dumpling festival everyone!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby C

I think in the world of bloggers mommies right now..everyone would be praying and following the news of BabyC and her tough mommy.

Same for me...each time I would look at my google reader for some updates on BabyC from her mom in the hospital..

Hopefully she overcome this stage and moved on to healthy growing stage soon and her mom can feel relief..

Let's pray for Baby Cassandra...and her mom!

Cheers to all!

Health Freak Mommy: Pix Taken From Room 503

Health Freak Mommy: Pix Taken From Room 503

Memorable experience with family

My DH loves to eat and enjoy food…being a vegetarian since his teen (so do I), he is always scouting and visiting new and special vegetarian eateries that he becomes like a vegetarian eateries directory amongst his friends (included myself..).

I recalled during my convocation whereby my parents and siblings came to KL, I actually called him to asked where is the nearest vegetarian restaurant to where we are standing(at that moment) and voila he can tell you the exact location and the special dishes which is worth trying over there. That is how “passionate” he is in this area..haha..

And did I mentioned that during our courting days we travelled as far as Klang (more than 1 hr drive away) almost thrice a month for his favourite Roti John at one of the vegetarian outlet over there. Last year during New Year eve whereby most vege eateries are closed when we drove by, suddenly he said, “ I know which place is still open now(at 8.50pm)…which is the one in Klang…so off again we went (about 40-60 minutes drive from our new home)…haha…with KY(she is only one year old then) in tow.

And after our eating trip to Klang on New Year Eve, we were being treated with an unexpected fireworks display near the traffic light at Jusco Bukit Tinggi at Klang…wow…all cars stopped by the road side and even at the traffic light(it is GREEN allright!) to watch the fireworks display… do we….(but being pregnant at that time..I stayed in the it was too loud and smoky…so DH brought KY along). Though KY was a bit alarmed at the sound but she enjoyed her favourite fireworks nonetheless. Fireworks been her favourite viewing ever since watching the famous fireworks competition display near Putrajaya last year from our home balcony and the many fireworks display during festive season at our home….

So that is one of the memorable experience for my whole family…do you remember any special occasion which you shared or experienced with your family?

Would be most delighted to hear from you all!



Monday, May 25, 2009

Keeping Office about home?

Just thought of sharing this article in TheStar Online about Keeping Office Flu-free with everyone :)

Hmm..maybe can use some of these tips for our homes as well..

Stay flu free and stay well my friends..


Thinking of Chinese names for boys

The Chinese names for both my two kids are chosen and thought by my DH as I am not very good in Chinese.

I wonder was it the same for many of my Chinese-illiterate friends…or even my non-Chinese friends as I know there are people out there who likes to adopt a chinese name as well.

Lately, I found Parenthots has an article which has recommendation for few nice Chinese names for boys (erm..have not seen for girls yet..maybe in near future).

So folks do check it out if you are thinking of Chinese names for your child or yourself.



Sunday, May 24, 2009

Business Idea: Blogging for Profit, No Previous Experience Required

Blogs - it seems like just about everyone has one. If you don’t know what a blog is, it comes from the phrase "web log", which is an online diary or journal of sorts. 

People have all kinds of reasons for starting a blog. They may do it for fun, because they love writing or just to have an outlet to express their thoughts, vent frustrations and more. But you can make a blog into a money-making business, even if you have no blogging or business experience that I was told.  

But "How to Get Started?" you might ask. You can actually start your blog completely for free. There are services like and that make it super easy. 

But recently I come across a blogger named, John Yeo, who has a profitable blog himself and also is the creator of the Blogger’s Paycheck. He recommends that those seeking profit should Wordpress, but in a different way than is explained at and he goes through it in detail in the course.  

He shared that,
"For example on "How to Make Money with a Blog". Or simply put pick a theme or major topic for your blog and start writing. But what if You Don’t Like to Write?

Many people think they can’t blog if they don’t enjoy writing or feel they aren’t talented writers, but that shouldn’t stop anyone. A blog is about sharing thoughts and you don’t have to be an award-winning writer to do that. In addition, the growing popularity of online video and audio open up more possibilities for sharing content. "

Some people hire a ghostwriter(wow) if you want a text blog and want to avoid writing. John Yeo preaches that To profit from blogging, there are a few key ingredients:  
1. Target a highly interested audience of readers who happen to be consumers. In other words, people who readily spend money to pursue their hobbies, interests and desires that you’ll be writing about.  
2. Create interesting content that people are readily looking for, that they’ll talk about to their friends and come back for over and over again. 
3. Sign up for the Blogger’s Paycheck course that will take you through setting up your blog, building traffic, making money and more.  

Well, these are something I can share about some reading I come across about blogging for $. Perhaps some of you are interested and like to check this Blogger’s Paycheck out!