Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nursing wear on sales at Fabulousmom Online Store!

Wow..Aren't this lovely?

These are just some of the nursing wear on sales at Fabulousmom! lovely..

Did I tell you that I am a 100% nursing wear fans.. hehe..

They have now extended their stock clearance sale to online from 9 to 12 July 2009!!

So mommies check it out here at their store if you are looking forward to breastfeed in style ;)


Friday, July 10, 2009

Timely and Regular Maintenance

As a parent, we are ever-more cautious about getting our car regularly checked and maintain as we often
fetch kids with us rite(hands-up?) plus our lives are even more important with kids tied with it rite? (hands-up).
As I was checking through my calendar tasks and saw that soon my car is to be sent for maintenance.
Suddenly a thought came over me? Don't we human need regular maintenance as well? Especially busy and
overworked parents?
Even our mobile phones need to be charged frequently if it is used extensively(mine need to be charged almost daily)
as I am not gonna risk having my battery flat while on the road.
So, about our body? Do we send "it" for regular maintenance? If you do, what do you do during the
maintenance session?
I think I should schedule more regular battery charging and regular maintenance in my calendar...not only ME time
but something to make me functioned better and more efficient?
What makes me recharged? Hmm...reading, uninterupted sleep, a swim, a nice long warm shower, travelling to the outdoor...
to the greens and jog ..jog..jog...the nature really works wonder in granting us the energy we need!
Outdoor time soon...write it down write it not to shopping malls..but to the greenery...ha..ha..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

KY Birthday Idea

Recently I just got this notice..oh wow...Leo Birthday coincides with KY...why not I bring her and celeb together with Leo? Hmm...gonna check with DH and see the possibility as it falls on Saturday...
Check out the flyer here:


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Merry-go round trip

First for Shone.... n trips for KY .. :)


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stock Clearance at Fabulousmom, 9-12 July 2009

Dear Mommies-to-be,

Thought of sharing this good news with you, Fabulousmom, the place where i used to get my nursing tops and bras are having a stock clearance sale this weekend!!!

Stock Clearance Sale

9 to 12 July, Thurs - Sun

(Puchong:10am-6pm, TTDI:10am-9pm)

Discounts up to 75%

(*15% storewide discounts)

Nursing Bras - from RM10

Nursing Tops - from RM15

JA Breastmilk Storage Bags - 40%

Sacred Tea - 40%

Puchong branch is their MAIN LOCATION with more designs/stocks:

2A, Jalan TK2/1C

Taman Kinrara, Seksyen 2

47100 Puchong, Selangor

Tel: 03-80765262

(10am to 6pm)

and you may also visit their TTDI branch:

136A, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

60000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-77296088

(10am to 9pm)

Payment mode: Cash or Credit Card

Address and Location Map can be found here

This is a great sale not to be missed if you are looking for good nursing bras as Fabulousmom also supply nursing bras in Babyland if you noticed their famous logo ;)

Enjoy the bargain! Visit their online store now to check out their items.

CHeers mommies!

Vegetarian Babysitter Wanted

Anyone knows any Vegetarian Babysitter in PJ/Kota Damansara area?? Not for me but for a new friend(Adeline)

Ever since I posted an Ad in before Shone was born, I have been receiving calls/e-mails
by babysitter provider/searcher(if there's such a word :P) providing/looking for babysitter services.

This time I got a call from a lady from Adeline and she's looking for a vegetarian babysitter in PJ/Damansara.

In fact this makes me thinking...why not anyone who knew anybody providing babysitting services(good one of course)
and who is capableof taking care of vegetarian children/babies (which includes cooking non-meat food I would think for
solid taking children), please drop me an e-mail or leave a note in the comment box on this entry.

I am thinking of compiling a list of good babysitters around Malaysia ...for all mommies' need. so if you are a
good babysitter or know anyone, please feel free to leave me your contact(or if you feel shy, e-mail me at alohamolly at gmail dot com)

Hear from you all folks!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Running, running..

How I missed running...yep..I used to run a lot during my school days as well as during my singlehood time :P (well I guess my current running after gotten married is RUNNING ERRANDS...haha...plenty of does it count as part of my stamina bulding regimen or exercise?)

I missed running on green grass, on my old Convent school field during sports practice and lying on the grass after each run...and look the the blue skies...not to mention running with my running friends/comrades...

When I talk about running/jogging people like Mr. Yap(my ex-biology teacher cum coach), Lam(my running classmate cum opponent? ha..not so much just because we belonged to different house team, I am from Red house and Lam in yellow house and the fact that we both joined similar event- 400m, 800m and 1500m, makes us bump into each other at most sports event in school..) and another good ex-Convent friend, how we would be out from our classroom during sports practice(as I think we are one of the few who would still join sports activities during SPM critical year)

And jogging is one of the only regular exercise I love to do during my working days(before married). I would just change into my running attire and shoes and out jogging for nice 30 minutes each time after work sweat it all out...nice feeling...

Kinda miss that feelings..really...every since I got married and moved to a new place whereby no nearby park to jog and jogging around neighbourhood is deem unsafe...I had to abort my favourite pastime for sometime.

And last Sat when I went to check the treadmill at my seems like not working..must try and query the management so that I can get back running again...

Anyway, here's some nice article I read in The Star which you might be interested:

  1. Run for your life!-
  2. Love your legs-
Happy running/jogging!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby's Day Out

Last Saturday, DH and I brought KY and Shone out to the park downstairs for Baby's Day Out. I used to bring KY out to the park every weekend last time when she was Shone's age. But for Shone it was his first Baby's Day Out to the park. Why? Because I am not very comfortable of bringing both kids out to the park(my favourite Baby's Day Out place) on my own as it is very near the pool....cannot imagine chasing after two active kids on my own as DH tend to catch up his sleep during weekends.

So, that evening we all had nice time at the park even though it is for a short time as soon it was getting dark and the mozzies is coming out for dinner...eiks...that is the only letdown of visiting the park..mozzies attack!

See how my two babies enjoyed playing in the park in the picture :)

Hope to have more Baby's Day Out to safe place despite the A(H1N1) threat..we still need to be outdoor every now and then for sanity...just gotta select the right time and place(not too crowded).


Constipation in Adults this time..

Remember my previous posting about constipation in kids...this time I like to share about constipation in adults....after reading the following articles in TheStar Online:

  1. Stuffed guts-
  2. Inner happiness-
I do feel having regular bowel movements is very important. Whenever I don't go to my regular bowel movement I would have pimples coming out on my face due to heatiness I think...somehow doing the "business" does helps to expel heat.

As one of my friend shared he would make his daughter do her business when she has fever as it would help to reduce the temperature. I find this quite true.

In fact, another friend told me that she read an article saying that a healthy bowel movement should be 3 times a day as how many times we would take our that each waste are discarded per would definitely helps to dispel pimples on my face then I guess..haha..

So folks, let's remember to do our "business" daily ok!

Have a good "business" day daily friends! Cheers!