Saturday, July 18, 2009

Would be be wary if.....

Over one lunch date with my DH(we work closeby, so now and then when his wife..a.k.a me woke up late, lazy or no vege to cook up 'our' lunch) we would have date to eat quick lunch together. 

This lady boss of a vegetarian restaurant we frequented(the nearest to DH's office) asked me aloud, " Are you not afraid that ur DH, being tall and ahem good-looking being snatched or clamored by "bees"?"

Well, which then I didn't really give it much thought and then replied.."It's been that way even before we got married, a.k.a "courting days"....and then added, " I would do the same" jokingly of course...

Honestly, I did not give that question a serious thought before..BUT after the lunch...I was thinking, If I am worried then I wouldn't married him in the first place rite? And it's not for me to get worried anyhow...handsome or not handsome when ur guy wanna play around he would!

And nope, I would never do "play" so...I was just joking with the lady boss as I cannot find any serious or wise answer for her impromptu question. 

I think any responsible parents would never do such thing as to "HURT" their partner and the marriage and thus making their kids suffers?????'s just a matter of faith and trust we have in our partner and God plus of course the "marriage management and bank account thing rite ...(Note" If you read, " Men from Mars, Women from Venus"

Anyhow, to conclude, I think it's high time I spend some COUPLE time catching up with my DH..I think busy parenthood can makes our heart lose connection if don't catch up with one another?

And this really needs some arrangement and some extra babysitting support from good grandparents? Rite?

This makes me feel grateful at least BOTH my parents and in-laws are not that far away from us...even though our weekends are filled with taking turns to visit both side parents ...partly why my house is always in a mess?? :P unless i use my zzz time to clean and tidy up the never-ending mess when you got TWO kids and TWO working parents??

Cheers for the day!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Online Photo Printing using eoe Online

I feel with the invasion digital camera or more high-resolution camera phone in the market, we hardly develop photos anymore..or do we? I think some of us still do especially when there are some lovely shots that you would love to send to your loved ones (like I have developed a few digital shots for my parents and my in-laws as well as grandparents since we don’t get to see them daily right)


As I was looking through some services by the more commonly known photo developing shops, I was thinking to myself, "Hey, don’t we have printing service which can be done online like our US and the UK counterparts?


And then I found…YES! We do have our home-grown Malaysian photo retail site, eoe Online which also offers online photo printing. Yippee…for busy moms like us…this is definitely a plus point! No more looking for parking or bringing screaming kids along just to print a few photos not to mention the need to travel back to the photo studio and collect the printed pictures later.


This site, eoe Online also has Free and Functional Online Photo Album service to store and share our photos with our friends and family.Wow..not bad right!

We can just work on our order online(my favourite choice now shopping and do my stuff online without traffic jam!) by first uploading our photos online at eoe Online and they will print and deliver them back to us directly! It is just so easy and cool right!

So let me get down with some basic process it involved for the benefits of those who like to try their service:

How e-Print works 

First you’ll either need to upload the pictures before you print.


If you already uploaded photos in their Photo Album, follow the easy 1,2,3 steps below:



Step 1 Choose Upload Option


We can choose from the two options:

1.        File Upload is a basic browser upload function for users who only have a few photos to upload.

2.        Easy Upload allows you to upload many photos at one go with editing functions including image rotate, edit brightness and edit contrast.

For first time users, you will need to install the 'Active-X' application first which will only take a few seconds. The next time you return this function will be readily available without the needs to install again.

Note: They have now introduced a Photo Express Software which makes uploading and ordering our photo printing even a breeze..easy when you got your selected pictures in a single folder! Plus they would also inform you if the resolution of the pictures is not suitable for printing 4R, 8R etc...Wow..good right!

Step 2 Upload Photo

Step 3 Select Print size


Note: They use glossy paper for all prints, except for 11R and 12R prints in which matte paper are used.


After Added to Cart,

Follow the 4 simple steps below to confirm your print order:

Step 1 Fill in details (if have not done so)

Step 2 Delivery information

Step 3 Make payment

Step 4 Submit and order summary


Check out their Delivery rates (picture below)


They provide various Payment Options:

Helpful tips on using e-Print

1.   For Easy Upload option, please use IE as Safari and Google Chrome are not supported yet.

2.   Check out their Photo Express 1.00 for faster photo upload.(I tried and it is fast and simple!!)

Currently they are having Print promotions!!!

With each 4R print at only RM0.30 (current promotion) and free delivery* for orders above RM35.00

What is the price of the convenient online photo printing service to all? With each 4R print at only RM0.30 (current promotion) and free delivery* for orders above RM35.00, I think it’s pretty reasonable plus not to forget the time and parking expenses we saved travelling too!

 So folks, if you are thinking to print all the lovely snapshots which you have accumulated..why not give eoe Online a try!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

26 Ways to Use eBooks to Boost Your Business

Many people are venturing into business especially online business. And ebooks is one of the way we can use to boost our business.

eBooks are one of the most popular forms of content on the Internet today. They're easy to publish, eco-friendly, and virtually free to distribute.

Done-for-you private label rights (PLR) packages like Mom PLR eBooks make publishing and marketing them easier than ever. No wonder, many Internet marketers are making fortunes from selling eBooks.

But did you know that an eBook can boost your business in so many ways, other than by selling it as an eBook?

Here are 26 ways one eBook can boost your business:

1. Break up the eBook into blog posts or articles for your site. Publishing fresh content frequently is a good way to build up traffic.

2. Use content from the eBook to respond to questions in Yahoo! Answers and discussion forums in your market. Of course, add a link to your site.

3. Turn the eBook into a training tool for your affiliates. Good affiliates are essential to your business.

4. Pull out content from the eBook to create a Squidoo lens, Hub Page and Google Knol. These Web 2.0 platforms are excellent sources of back links to your site.

5. Rewrite parts of the eBook into unique articles and submit to Ezine Articles, Lady Pens, Associated Content, Go Articles, and other article directories. More quality back links for your money pages.

6. Break up the eBook into an e-course. You can either sell or give away the e-course.

7. Take parts of the eBook and use them in your email newsletter or Ezine.

8. Give away the eBook to build up a mailing list. Readers will gladly give their email addresses for an eBook that addresses their problems.

9. Offer the eBook as a bonus for a paid product. Increase the value of your product.

10. Give the eBook away as an unannounced bonus to your customers. They'll love you for it and will be happy to buy from you again.

11. Take the most actionable parts of the eBook and create a printed promotional postcard, flyer or newsletter.

12. Rewrite the eBook for a more specific niche, such as "stay at home Moms," "Moms of multiples," "Moms of teens," "homeschooling Moms," etc. Create a new stream of income from another market.

13. Sell the eBook as a printed book through Be where few Internet marketers are.

14. Expand the eBook into a self-study course, by creating mindmaps, cheatsheets and step-by-step guides.

15. Break up the eBook into an audio or teleseminar series, which you either sell or give away.

16. Transform each chapter of the eBook into a podcast via iTunes. Podcasts increase your authority, drive traffic to your site, and warm up listeners to your offer.

17. Use the eBook to create a slideshow or screen capture video. Use the video to market your product or service on video sharing sites like YouTube.

18. Read the eBook to create an audio product. Sell it as a digital product, or a preloaded mp3 player. You'll stand out from your competition.

19. Translate the eBook into another language, and sell it in other countries.

20. When preparing for a media interview, get content from the eBook to build your key messages.

21. Distill the eBook into a special report to either sell or give away.

22. Get the best nuggets of content from the eBook and turn them into Twitter tweets. Add a link to your site or squeeze page.

23. Use the eBook as a reference material when writing a press release.

24. Transform the eBook into a white paper, which explains your product or service to your target market.

25. Bundle the eBook with other eBooks about related topics, to create a comprehensive home study course.

26. Break the eBook content down into group coaching sessions you give through teleconference, teleseminar or webinar format. Charge for the group coaching, or give free access to build your list.

As you can see, an eBook can boost your business in so many ways. If you've only been using an eBook as an eBook, you're missing out. That eBook can be repurposed, transformed, re-targeted and monetized in so many ways. Even a single eBook can do so much for your business.

If you don't want to write your own eBook or hire a ghostwriter to do it for you, then using PLR content is your answer. PLR is the most affordable and fastest way to get an eBook and other content for your biz.

If you're in the Mommy market, then you have to check out Mom PLR eBooks. Your monthly subscription gets you one brand-new, professionally written eBook every month, along with everything you need to market it:

- a special report to give away
- a sales letter to sell the eBook
- 5 articles
- 5 blog posts
- 1 squeeze page to build your list of readers interested in the eBook topic
- 6 emails to follow up and promote to your list
- eCovers for the special report and eBook
- 6 promotional banners
- list of affiliate programs related to the topic of the month
- checklists and other guides to help you make the most of your PLR package

Because you have PLR on everything, you can edit, rewrite and transform the content any way you like - and even put your name on it. All the graphics are in PSD format, so you could easily edit those as well. Wow..tjat is how easy it is now!

Can't wait to try it out? I don't blame you. Use coupon code "ebookboost" and get your first month membership for only $5. Use it to join Mom PLR eBooks now. 

Cheers for savvy business mommies and daddies!

Parents..Let Our voices Be Heard

Although my kids are not schooling yet but definitely whatever decision and action the government takes NOW affect their FUTURE!

So let our voices be heard about the switching back to using BM for Science and Maths!

Give your opinion and comment at the sites below:

  1. Parent Action Group for Education (Page)   
  2. Dr. M's blog- Chedet  
Or, call the ministry's hotline at 03-7723 7070 to voice your suggestion/opinion.

For the benefit of those who like to follow up on what's the big ho-ha happening in the education in Malaysia, you may read what TheStar wrote on "Cabinet to study feedback on the switch" here .And "Public can still give views" here .

Cheers and May our kids in Malaysia have a better education future!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- 1 yr old into IT

Shone finally following his sister and try out the laptop. Guess he's
been watching & learning hard all these while...,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Milestone updates- Shone at 12 months 3 weeks

Shone seems to walking almost around the same time as his older sister, KY or slightly later...

He is now busy practising his walking skills at every given opportunity- or rather every waking moments 
and every time we allow him roaming freely out of his playpen.

He would wake up almost 5am daily at the early days when he discovered he could walk with mommy on tow..watching his every steps..

And by now, he has developed:
-Two big molar(back bottom teeth)
- Recognised and can point or speak
  • star
  • dog
  • jie jie
  • mommie or mie
  • Dee for Daddy
  • nen nen
  • etc etc
- Can sing(in his baby language/sound) with action his favourite or rather mom's constant playlist
  • Twinkle-twinkle Little Star - his fingers can even make the star twinkling...just have to salute him..I doubt I do this at his age.
  • Incy Windy Spider - with hand moving up to represent Sun, and the little finger moving as in spider moving..cute
  • Happy Birthday Song - with hands-clapping, Shone first pick up clapping on his birthday celebration (wait for my picture updates on his little party
  • Finger song: Where is thumbkin, where is thumbkin" and "Lu-La-Le"
- Loves watching Mr. Bean, 100,000 Whys ("shi wan ge wei shen me" - my sis helped me to get it during her China's trip), Karaoke CD's sing along  with his sister, KY. 

I can see that Shone really loves singing, dancing and music...

Like KY, he dance before he can walk....

That's the update for now..I think pictures says it better..stay tune for some pictures update soon.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Another update on poo poo trip

Hi frens, remember my previous blog post on constipation here and here.

Today I read about the opposite, what to do when it's diarrhea?
Check out the TheStar article here about 'Running' child here.
KY sometimes have diarrhea as well...not sure why, we suspect she often eat without first washing her hands.
So, we are making sure we have wet wipes in the car and get her and Shone to wash hand if not wipe with wet wipes before eating..recently I am trying to get some waterless cleanser which is safe for kids..does anyone of you use any waterless cleanser which is suitable for kids? Once, I had wanted to get Dettol brand but the staff told me that it's not suitable for young I wonder any brand made for kids? Is if effective?
Let's share with one another should we find any useful products like this!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

What is your current REACTION towards the word "Sales"?

Yes I admit I am a shopaholic and have low resistance towards stuff like books, babies stuff(lotsss..range from toys, clothing to safety or travelling gadgets...plenty...), etc..etc..and now that it is MEGA CARNIVAL SALES everywhere..huh?

But with the recent economic situation plus of course having another child added to my family not to mentioned the frequent "brainwashing" or "constructive criticism" I got from my ever-supportive DH, I think I begun to build a stronger resistance towards SALES and am not that adrenaline excited over it now that I read WAREHOUSE SALES...etc..etc...

Ha..ha..yup am still drooling but at least I won't decide immediately to rush over to check out the bargain but to ask myself,

  • Yes, it's downright REALLY good bargain..BUT do I need it?
  • Yes, it's REAL cheap BUT does it worth the travelling, squezzing with crying kids?
  • Yes, it's warehouse sales BUT are you sure you ARE gonna find things really worth buying (this is a lesson learnt as more often than not I have wasted trip as it doesn't sound as good as in prints!!
And today as I read this in the TheStar does happened to me and DH sometimes actually..yup we ladies are weak at the word SALES...but guys fall for it(if they really want to buy something) Sales or no bigger PRICE tag too!

Check out the article , It's a sale! yourself and you'll laugh it off like me too ;)