Saturday, May 23, 2009

Little Helper

KY been a great help lately…here is the picture of her helping me to fold clothes...besides helping me in the kitchen and filing as written in my blog entries here and here.

Friday, May 22, 2009

What special stuff you ate or always eat or plan to eat on your birthday?

Recently a friend of mine (who has the same birthday as I am and coincidently his dotter’s birthdate..yes birthdate here means even the year is the same as my small can this world of coincidence be haha..try getting a table full of-means 10 pax the same birthdate all being your…ONG- “lucky” man…)

Anyway just like to share this recipe he shared with me…Rock Sugar Noodles which is a traditional Teochew dish that is served for VIPs only. So taking this on your birthday (being a Teochew descendant I am) supposed to give me some ONG so to speak…haha…well at least this is what I would like to think it ..ha..ha…

So core ingredients would be:

  • Egg
  • Noodle
  • Rock sugar
  • Water 

That’s all.


Put some rock suger in water and boil it until it is boiled and melted. Then, u put in the egg (of coz without the shell). Be careful not to break the yolk. We need to turn our fire to minimum now and then slow cook.

Note: Noodle is to be cooked separately or we can just add just egg as dessert, but for birthday normally these two items are eaten together.

So after put in the egg, stir really slowly on one way (either clock wise or anti-clockwise). This is to prevent the egg from sticking to the bottom of the pan/pot and at the same time to keep the egg in nice, round shape. Then, stir a while as we can see the egg white cooked a bit, and then we can let it stay a while (for 3 to 5 minutes) until the egg yolk is cooked.

Then we can have a bowl of rock sugar egg noodle and it will rock us up! Yeah…ONG..ONG…haha..


Cheers to all! Wait till after I experiment with this recipe and update the outcome of it..haha….

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breastfeeding Talk @ Fabulousmom

I thought of dropping a short note here for the benefits of mommies who are:

  1. Currently breastfeeding and faced some queries, problems or lacking in willpower to carry on
  2. Pregnant mommies or trying to pregnant mommies who plan to breastfeed their child.
  3. Anyone (including prospective dads or any male) who are interested  to find out how or the way working mommies can continue breastfeeding their child.

I personally am encouraged to carry on my mission and vision to breastfeed KY despite the odds against me last time just by reading the inspiring stories of these wonderful and powerful women! 

Check out the talk organized by Fabulousmom this Saturday, 23 May 2009 at their showroom. I might be there as well (I ordered few items from their online store lately and am collecting them). Hehe..shopaholic itch strikes me again..bought two cloth books for KY :P

Date: May 23, Saturday

Time: from 11am to 12pm

Venue: The Breastfeeding Cafe, Fabulous Mom showroom

Topics covered:

1) How to maintain milk supply while being away from your baby?
2) How to time your pumping schedule? 
3) How to store your milk correctly?
4) How to transport your milk safely, especially if it's a long journey, i.e. from overseas, etc...
5) Will there be any challenges await you when you come home to be with your baby?
6) Any tips to share with the carer of your baby when you are away? 

For more info on how to register(yes pre-registration is required). Check out at their blog here.

Map can be found here. It is near Puchong and OUG.

Cheers folks and gambatei to all breastfeeding mommies!

Hg makes smarter kids

Hi folks, recent article at Cafemom, Study Links Morning Sickness to Smarter Babies makes me pondering..since I have TERRIBLE morning sickness(lasted for the whole first trimester!...see my post here and here), this articles comes to be of a relief if not hmm...encouragement I think...and guess this article would be most useful for those mommies or mommies-to-be who are facing it right now!

And does the study/research reflected rightly for my kids.. :P I would say yes...well depends how you define "smarter" I supposed....when "er" is added means there should be comparison of sorts? Hmm...and since breastfeeding is supposed to produce smarter babies as well....I am not 100% sure of this study..BUT all pregnant mommies out there...hopefully this articles serves as a good justification or support for you to go through your much dreaded morning sickness spell...(I understand how it felt...I went thru it...and mine is a more severe type of morning sickness called Hyperemesis Gravidarum which literally means severe as in "Hyper", vomit as in "emesis"...erm..don't ask me what is Gravidarum..haha..not sure what it means yet..or perhaps the whole phrase emesis gravidarum means "vomitting" haha...enlighten me more medical-term-savvy folks or Doctors out there :P)

Cheers for the day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lil Caliph is having T.M.X Elmo & Friends Giveaways

Hi Folks,

Remember I blog about Lil Caliph Giveaway for the whole month of May?

Today and tomorrow they are having T.M.X Elmo & Friends Giveaways.

So if you like to win one or three(read their term and condition/giveaway guide), head over their blog now to find out how to win it!

I have tried the past two giveaway but did not manage to win the lovely shoes for my son...hopefully this time I am lucky enough to win the Elmo for my kids.

Lady Luck please smile on us!

Cheers to Lil Caliph!

Menu Planning Thought for the week

This week I bought some bitter gourd (because I have been a fan of it but hardly cook it at all for the past 3 years being a wife..hmm..why..well…unsure..but I have been eating it everywhere..bitter gourd noodle soup, bitter gourd dish in mixed rice…you name it!)

Is there any bitter gourd fans out there? How do you like your bitter gourd to be cooked?

I thought of frying it with egg, adding in noodle soup or even cooked it with salted beans or make it into soup.

Any other ways to cook up a yummy bitter gourd? Hmm…

Recently I stumble upon a nice site from Jamie Oliver and over at the site it has a steamed aubergine (some of us known it as “eggplant” or “terung” in Bahasa Malaysia). Looks yummy to me…perhaps I would try it..let me get some chilli and herbs as garnishing and flavouring first :)

I think cooking is an art really…and is a hobby to many…talking about this….I am tempted to try making my own pizza dough this weekend…crossed my finger and may I succeed on baking my first pizza for my DH birthday!




Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tips and Tricks to Effective Parenting: Used Golf Bags For SALE!

Tips and Tricks to Effective Parenting: Used Golf Bags For SALE!

Exercise Regime

Previously a mom said to me ..oh my tummy…(pointing to bulging tummy) and said she hardly got time to exercise…

Does this sounds very familiar to you? How many moms still continue with their exercise regime?

For me (who used to job 30mins daily if not thrice a week), honestly I have yet to return to my jogging regime..partly due to the fact that I have moved to a place whereby road running is not deem safe ..neither is there any safe jogging park at near vicinity.

But no excuses, I should be hitting the gym instead since the facility is there at my place…in fact KY been there more than I do when my dad is here taking care of her….she would run on the treadmill every morning at the speed of 4-5…woot…

So, perhaps it’ll be good that I bring her along so both of us get to sweat it out….while my DH take care the younger one and not two at the same time while I jog..yep..that is part of the reason why I don’t get to jog that regularly anymore…since erm I can’t really bring the stroller with two kids into the gym can I?

Hmm..enough said…I missed my jogging at the park or road out in the nature at better time…better secured environment and nicer weather…

What kinda exercise regime do you do as a mom/dad? Care to share?

I think exercise is still important despite the fact that breastfeeding helps me to back in shape pretty fast…by now I can wear those tight shirts and jeans.

So gym, here I come…


Gestational Diabetes (GDM)

For the benefits of some of my friends who are as most career women do...married late and thus most possibility getting pregnant at later age.

One of the risk involved is having Gestational Diabetes (GDM) that is our body don’t produce enough insulin to keep our blood glucose levels within range during pregnancy. 

One of my friend had it when she is pregnant with her third child at the age of 39 going to 40(if I am not wrong)...

So for more info, do check out the article at TheStar Online on Sweet pregnancy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bento-making lovers- Check out the The New Stylish Tokyo Giveaway

Remember my recent first Bento-making sandwich for KY? Lately,I stumble upon a new site call New Stylish Tokyo which sells mould, bento lunch boxes, etc etc …..lotsa goodies for Bento fans….and now they are having a giveaway.. and the prize is 3 egg moulds, 1 Koi Japanese Style Curtain and 1 Anpanman Chocolate Mould, each worth between RM35-45 for lucky winners. Head over to Pregnant Pause blog entry to find out more details.

I am hooked on many items on that store and one of them is this lovely Hello Kitty(see picture above) which my little KY will sure be smitten as I need to say she finishes the three bears sandwiches I made for her again last Sunday….I think Bento is a good way for me to cultivate good meal habits(that is BREAKFAST is IMPORTANT) while sneaking in some healthy snacks and vege for my kids.
SO guys if you are hooked as well..check out the store and the giveaway details!


The coming of 30s…

Well..not yet …at least not this year…but coming June I will be seeing my last age starting with “2”( I revealing my age here?’s not a secret to least not now..maybe when I hit the no. 3)


Last weekend when I was planning to celeb for my sil and hubby(both falls on May), I can’t help but contemplating about my life (it’s been my habit ever since in my teens to do such yearly assessment and reflection before my birthday each year), what have I done(rather than accomplished..too big a word for me.. :P )..and what would I hope to do (accomplish yes this time this word..does sounds suitable)….in 10 years time(during my thirties that is)


What have many people (around me) in their thirties?

  1. My two bosses set up their company
  2. My Microeconomics lecturer taking his final paper in ACCA
  3. My many friends being married and soon being pregnant becoming a mom (yep I am one of the few(I think) amongst my gang to got married and becoming mom before hitting 30’s
  4. So…what does Molly planning and wanting to achieve in her thirties? Still in thoughts…but will certainly put in down in black & white as concrete as it I believe if we don’t plan our life…time can flies without clear might just flies with no concrete/meaningful adventures…and THAT is certainly not what I hoped for!


By the way, one friend of mine  (who’s having the same birthdate as I do, even though older than me few years) have suggested I take a day off for ME time..well much that I would love such idea…BUT..hmm.. as working parents we might need to take EL or AL leave application is such an important decision…how about for birthday..erm..not yet a valid reason for me…but we’ll see…haha..


And the friend shared with me a recipe that I should take on my birthday..Rock Sugar Egg(a traditional Teochew dish eaten during birthday which supposed to means that you are a VIP).supposingly can give me some pick-me-up…so stay tuned for my updates on this…at least this is one item that I will be doing on my birthday…something to give me some ONG(good luck)!


Cheers to All…do you all have anything to share about your birthdayssss? I am all EARS!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Have you seen or tried leggings for babies or kids?

I used to see babies or toddlers wearing leggings such as these from Leg Huggers and I found they are made of 100% sustainable bamboo fibers. No wonder the kids looks happy in it.

I think KY would love having a pair to match her skirts…recently one of the blog is having a giveaway on this leggings. Check out the details of the giveaway
here and if you are lucky you might just win a pair of these cute and lovely leggings for your child! I like the Leg Hugger - Dancing Daisies (see above). It looks good on KY when she wears skirts of any colors!