Saturday, June 6, 2009

Movies trip

Last weekend, DH went for a movie treat on Sat afternoon with my dad(they watched Terminator Salvation) while the kids and I were taking naps (I knew about the trip of course…and I volunteer to stay@ home and be with the kids while the two guys went for some ME time)…something he always do during our courting days…watching movies every Sat & Sun. A luxury for now…

By the way, do you guys know that GSC cinema has a special privilege for its member that they are able to have a free movie ticket (movie with asterisk *) on their birthday month? this month I would get a free movie ticket…hmm..wondering any nice movie to watch (with asterisk * - free list movie that is)..and when I will have some ME time for such pampering.haha..any suggestions?

Stay tune for my movie time folks! And sign up as member if you are a movie fan too :)




Friday, June 5, 2009

Green Ways we can impart to our children

Today, 5th June is World Environment Day, lately I stumbled upon some really interesting articles and people who are doing their bits to conserve the earth.

You can check out some of these articles here:

1) Start 'em young, says filmmaker in Parenthots

2) Little deeds that add up in The StarOnline

3) Rules not in place in TheStarOnline

4)Climate-saving tips in TheStarOnline

Indeed, I agree with one of the interviewee, Mr. Lu Chen Pin said, we have a lot to learn from our parents and older generation on conservation efforts. 

Before this the Reverse-Osmosis(RO) water disposal(the filtered waste water) in my house is left to flow away when my small bucket is full and we did not replace another bucket to refill the water, then my dad suggested why not get a bigger bucket for this purpose...little things like this..I am sure many of us would have thought of it..but how many of us really put it into act.

I think many of us(myself included) needs a lot of constant reminders, ideas, and innovative campaign etc to really be in the "green: mode automatically...we are far behind compared with many western countries like Sweden, Germany and etc in this field...but slowly or steadily(hopefully quickly) we Malaysians shall pick up and play our part as well.

For me, what I have practice or make it habit:

1) Power off, and pull out the cord as well(for me) the unused power outlets (no more standby mode)

2) Full load laundry or handwash for urgent(soiled or stained clothes for e.g.) laundry

3) Switch off the air-cond after the room is cool or don't use it at all during cooler nights

4) Not using the hot water pot(erm after it got spoilt from frequent on and off :P ), but boil as and when I need

5) Buy local products/vegetables and fruits

6) Use Reusable shopping bag (put it in my office drawer, in the car and at home) whenever possible

7) Read, read and adopt more green efforts ( I think this is important..there are just so many innovative and clever green ideas adopted by many people)

8) Go paperless as much as possible, read newspaper online, use double-sided and two pages in one printing etc

And which I like to do soon:

1) Grow some herbs(basil, mint) and plants(chilli etc) at my small balcony- I used to grow mints, basil and pumpkin and believe's pesticide-free and TASTE REALLY GOOD!

2) Separate the bins- paper, plastic, glass -label it and get DH and KY do the same

Note: KY is good at picking up our action now..she would switch off the fan herself (without being told) after she wake up and throw rubbish at the designated place

3) Bicycle..hmm..perhaps in our city drivers it's bit hard..but hmm..this can be one good outings with kids

4) Experiment with DIY household non-toxic cleaners (using baking soda, vinegar and etc)

What other green ways we can practice and thus impart to our children? Care to share?

Hear from you folks!

Cheers! Have a green day everyday!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yummy trip at MoonGarden

Last weekend, my dad came to help me out with my babysitter on leave...and DH suggested going out for dinner at ShiangHai VegetarianRestaurant at Sunway(one of our favourite which served sushi..yummy yummy), then I suddenly remembered a friend and another colleague of mine suggested this vegetarian restaurant at USJ called MoonGarden.

So, DH called our friend for the exact location while we off scouting for that restaurant....the restaurant is located at Taipan, USJ10  near Maybank and HLK electrical shop.

Looking at their menu and surrounding, we were immediately smitten by it...lovely food...I ordered my favourite spaghetti while hubby ordered his favourite mushroom soup+ pizza and my dad ordered the vegetarian prawn noodles(supposingly to be chef recommendation) we added a mango juice for KY and a pumpkin bun for Shone.

It was really yummy food for all! DH suggested we visit again the next day for lunch when he saw some other set meal which he like to yep we went back again on Sun but for dinner as afternoon is too hot plus it was the kids' napping hour.

Three of us tried their 3 different set meal and it was really yummy as well...

We have not been eating out much lately but for last weekend it was a special one as it was DH birthday on Fri and I have not been able to bake him cake and pizza as planned since our oven was in return I said yes(which I don’t normally nod for two non-special occasion eating out trip..had to be prudent…with two kids, one car and one house to pay for every month..rite…so well since it was DH birthday, we’ll make it an exception…haha) 

So folks if you are looking out for some nice vegetarian restaurant to spend time with your loved might like to give MoonGarden a try! ;) The price is like within RM10 for food plus drink depending what you are ordering...not too you can then go shopping at Summit USJ(we went for Popular Warehouse sales after meal.. ;) managed to get some lovely items there at cheap bargain!)

Till our next yummy trip adventures..


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kids and gadgets- Iphone

Lately after KY seen her dad listening to his IPod Touch(from Iphone), she has been asking to listen to it before she sleep and takes her nap in the afternoon.

For a merely 2 year plus kiddo, she has know how to:

1)      Take pictures with her dad’s phone

2)      Play the 20+ games her dad installed for BOTH of them (haha)

3)      Listen and choose her own songs with Ipod application-mostly Doraemon thanks2my sis..ha

4)      ON the 3G services(eiks..scary..we quickly switch it off…as we seriously have not found any 3G services from Malaysia’s telco which cater to our needs and budget) so for’s using only WIRELESS for us

And Shone(a mere 11 months plus) is picking up FAST! Last weekend, I see him flipping the photo album in his dad’s phone(mimicking his dad’s gestures in enlarging and switching from pictures to pictures..) wow…I can’t help feeling amazing at how FAST these kids are picking up these gadgets navigating skills…

Good or Bad, I am not to judge but I think it’s an unavoidable act that they pick up…and it’s of no harm for now…perhaps more good than harm since many universities are adopting Iphone…see this article in TheStar.

Cheers for thoughts for the day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend with KY

Last weekend, my babysitter was "on leave", yup they apply leave too sometimes...she's attending her niece's wedding in Kelantan.

So me and DH took turns to stay home and be with our kids.

Here are some pictures(above) I took during my weekend(Fri, Sat and Sun) with KY.

Did I say how KY loves to blow candle..haha..nope her birthday is in when she got up on Sat morning, she remembered her dad's birthday cake(DH birthday was on Fri-29 May) and requested for it...

So I brought it out from the fridge and brought her a spoon and plate. Then KY said mom..I want it with candles...haha..then I understood what she meant..she wanna sing birthday song and have cake-cutting ceremony the other two pic was taken during our stroll at the park and long since we last have a stroll was GREAT! Love to have this lovely dotter and mommy time...

Cheers for the rest of the weekdays!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Need your help..Vote for my nursing wear idea..

Hi folks,

Remember my post on My Love for Nursing Wear?

In fact, nursing wear has been my "uniform" for my many shopping trips, wedding dinners, family events (the picture above is CNY-like nursing wear I got from't looked like one right.. hehe.. I can wear it post-nursing period too) which made me quite interested in seeing or experimenting with any new and pretty nursing wear design or style.


Now, frens..I need your help in helping me in winning a contest on nursing wear..How you can help?

1. Type VOTE if you vote for me. (in this blog comment box),each VOTE comment earns me 1 point.

2. Go to and vote for my nursing wear (Type I vote for #1 alohamolly) in the comment box on their blog .

Contest voting ends on 13 June..ha this will be a very good birthday gift for me...thanks everyone for casting votes for me! Win or lose it doesn't matter...would be delighted just to know that breastfeeding becoming a trendy act to be for all moms!

Thanks for your support!

Cheers for breastfeeding mommies and breastfeeding-friendly dads…and friends!

June 09 Special Post

Hello folks, why June is special to me?

Because it happened to be both Shone & my birthday plus it is Father’s Day month =).

As a seemingly ritual for me since young, I would like to accomplished or clear off some task before my birthday and one of them would be reflection done on past actions and look forward towards the future with formulation of life goals and direction.

I did this before UPSR (Primary exam Standard Six exam in Malaysia), before PMR (Secondary Form Three exam in Malaysia) and after SPM before heading to college/university. And I did it again once graduated from my university degree and stepping into working world.

And I roughly formulated (in my mind) when I would want to start having a serious relationship (wow..some of you might said..but yep I did just that..crazy?’s just an estimation and guide for me then) and after that honestly, I have been like taking life as it comes…no more formulating plans after I got married, have kids as things just swifted in and happened so quickly that I have no time to think or plan (haha..yep..). And when you are married with kids..even more so that seems like no time to plan and even if you do plan most of time, whether or not your plans work out depends on varies factors…

Anyway, coming to a special stage now (being the last no. 2 on my age), I would like to again reflect on my past and start at least having a rough plan or guide. Even if it doesn’t follow exactly as what I have planned…at LEAST, it won’t go too far off…and life won’t be just  a blank chapter.

So stay tuned for more of my June posting…after my thought been skimmed through and plans are formulated…

Shall not write too long a I PERSONALLY  do not like to read long blog posting as well..kekeke


Cheers to all!


Sunday, May 31, 2009

A feeling of dejavu

One bright early morning, I woke up kinda late, or at least later than usual, normally I would be awake by 5+am by Shone, but this time DH helped with..just one fine morning that I felt kinda tired and dizzy.

That morning I went to fill up petrol...was kinda hazy and cold morning..and at that moment suddenly a feeling of dejavu filled me's like the old feelings I felt when I was running under the rain during my high school days during my sports practice and during my trip to Down Under few years back when both my fren(Charl) and I jogged under the was cool, refreshing and fun..

This feeling suddenly came over, and washed over my soul for that few seconds if not minutes..

I tot of just writing it remind me to take time to smell the rain, the flowers and the air..
And be alive 100% though I am not all these while but, to be honest, sometimes we tend to just immersed 100% in rush-iness & busi-ness(ha..if there's such a word) of life..don't we?

Is there such kinda dejavu experience you remember?

Won't you like it to comes back once again? I really have an urge...a rather crazy adventure to do it with Kay(KY)...rain under the but crazy right...what about catching cold and etc(again such reasoning and logical/practical thoughts always came into mind and stops us or rather me from doing certain things in life....) 

Else I think I would not be in Malaysia now..I probably in Germany or somewhere else on the globe..If not for my practical or logical thoughts about my family etc etc...then..thinking too much huh?

Life is just too short to filled with just thoughts alone..

Let's fill it with action..and now I have an adventure partner, Kay and soon Shone can join us 
for some crazy fun..haha...

Cheers folks!