Saturday, October 17, 2009

KY milestone at 3 years 2 months old

Hi folks,

It's been quite a LONNGGG time since I update milestone for KY. Cannot image my little baby has grown up so much!! Soon I guess we can share same clothing haha just like how I used to share my mom's shirts..haha..

My little girl has been such a great helper and sister to her bro,Shone.

But mommy been neglecting and scolding her too much. Felt really bad.

She's been this sweet, curious and rebel at this age. This makes her dad
real angry at her sometimes. Though it is widely known that somehow dad
adores their daughter as some people believe daughter is the father's girlfriend in their past life. haha...

Though she's over the terrible two stage, but she can be quite a challenge and hard to handle sometimes especially when it comes to giving in to his bro sometimes.

I must say at this age, she is full of "whys" which is good. She is very curious and would open up(dismantle) toys, gadgets, whatever that falls into her hand.

Thus, I always warned DH not to let her got hold of any of hi expensive gadgets. Am trying to reduce the times she gets punished and reprimanded(unnecessarily). Actually sometimes I felt it is adults who is at fault for leaving things at their reach and not informing them enough what items shouldn't be taken or dismantle and why.

Ok now comes to KY's milestone:
1. Instead of fav. food i think it is fav titbits(KY is such a titbit junkie like DH!)
  • Chocolates- Kinder Joy, Kinder Bueno
  • 100 plus, yakult, vitagen, milo, isomil(her official milk powder after she weaned)
  • Sweets, much to my dismay,I have NEVER offer her any until one day she was being given one by an older child and she WAS HOOKED from then on...which kids won't get hooked? Me(I am the odd one..I DON'T like sweets but I can't refuse ice-cream and chocolates), ranges from Hacks, Chup Chup to any kinds in fact!!
  • Ice-cream- her frequent sharing moment with DH
2. Loves to sing and dance

3. Favourite movies/TV program - Hi 5, Barney, The Legend of Bruce Lee, Korean movie showing surgeons and doctors, Hong Kong movie showing rescue officers with helicopters(sorry cannot recall the drama title), Nemo, Madagascar, The Simpsons, Our Wedding VCD(haha, her all time fav. and always asked where is she or why she's not in there, and why her bro. is not there too)

4. Loves to help me with cooking, doing laundry.

5. Clumsy when it comes to self-feeding, she often spilt her drinks 9 out of 10 times(much to her dad's dismay and reprimand)

Honestly, I seems to have neglected her other language development as I am often busy BF the younger bro. and drop-dead tired at night after work. Talking about this...when will I reach my WAHM dream?

Anyway , Life gotta Carpe Diem! From now on, I will arrange some activities to share with her every night so that her golden learning years does not go to waste!

Do you have a toddler around the same age as KY? I love to hear what precious moments/ activities you do with your kids.

Do share with me!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Snap and Win! Win Canon EOS 1000D

Now folks, remember my low quality picture I took during the Women Conference at my post here, here and here? I am so desperately in need of a digital camera instead of snapping with my phone alone...

So, I am sending these pictures below as my entry to win the Snap and Win! Win Canon EOS 1000D contest organised by Exabytes. More information on the SNAP and WIN.

Here's another close-up->

And here's another one:

And last one, actually it is my favourite which I am not sure if it's a valid entry since it is not from mag, newspaper or signboard. But an ingenious one on a green reusable bag from a new organic shop near my workplace(another treasure of this green mommies..cheh...hehe)

Nice or not? Hopefully Lady Luck Smiling on me win this Gorgeous Canon EOS 1000D!


Fabulousmom 5 Days Sale - Storewide Discount up to 70%

E-boutique for expecting and nursing mothers

WOW....another great offer....good news for mommies..saw this promotion news from Fabulousmom! Do check it out....yep...I am getting a Nuby bottle for my son...gonna check out the offer now..hehe...shopaholicmom on strike again....


Dear all,

We are having 5 days sale, starting today 16 October and will end on 20 October.

We offer storewide discount up to 70%. Highlights as below:

1) Fabulous Mom and My Lovely Closet - all new arrivals at 20% off, old designs at 50% off

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4) Nuby bottles and cups at 20% off

5) Little Buddy Children Backpack at 50% off and many more

Shop online at or visit our outlets at Puchong or TTDI. Puchong outlet is closed on this Sat and Sun, but TTDI outlet is open DAILY from 10am to 9pm. :-)

Happy shopping and Happy Deepavali to ALL!


Shone Milestone at 15 months

Dear folks,

It's been quite sometime since I last update milestone for Shone. Last update at 12 months here.

Now, at 15 months, he is still being BF. Lucky boy that he still insist to be BF at night when we are both home.

KY stopped at 12 months due to teething and the fact that my milk supply dwindled so much as I was commuting far to a new workplace plus busy getting our new house ready.

These are the little write up on Shone at 15 months as much as this mommy's failing memory can recall.
  • Language - able to say words, xie xie(for thank you), nen-nen(milk), en-tie(for auntie), ern-cle(for uncle), che che(his first word), dah-dee(for daddy), mah-mee(for mommy), bao bao(high pitch for carry me,low pitch for bread), xie-zi(for shoes), kai-kai (for going out trip), ter(for water),erm....good(for yummy food incl. breastmilk),tau-liao-lor(means reach home/bbsitter's place oredi)
  • Games he likes playing - Hide n Seek - behind curtains,beside mommy's big bed, space in between the wall and cupboard, che che(KY's) tricycle, drawer box as his pretend car
  • Gadgets he took to his liking- daddy's laptop and keyboard+ mouse, daddy's handphone,TV remote control
  • Food intake - Drink 7oz milk twice daytime, thrice(amount unknown-direct BF) at night, have two meals of assortment of noodles, rice-with soup or porridge(adult food with less salt), tried ice-cream and currently his favourite, loves orange juice, grapes, papaya, avocado, no liking for guava, can eat non-stop like che che KY :P
  • Taken ubat cacing(worm medication at 15 months at govt. clinic), Weighted at 11.2kg slightly slow growth which partly due to recent attacks of diarrhea and vomitting
  • Had diarrhea and vomit attacks a week before the diarrhea attack, recovers within 2 days- Sentosa Medical Ped advice no milk till he finished two bottles of Gatorade(1 oz of water mix with 6oz of Gatorade)
  • Favourite songs- sing twinkle2 little start with star gestures ends with hands clapping and say hip hip hurray(with both hands high up), Incy Wincy Spider, any fast moving track which he would dance along
  • Hygiene: Started brushing his own teeth and frequent handwashing
  • Started learning to jump on the bed and loves chasing after her sister and daddy
That's all mommy can recall now...Shall update about KY in my next post...been neglecting her a bit....really...


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Loving Minerals 1st Anniversary Promotion, 15 - 19 Oct 2009

Hi folks,

I got this promotion leaflet from Loving Minerals. I have not tried this product before, just learnt about it from LittleKitte, the Homeschooling Mama. Perhaps I can try to get their Promotion sample kit at RM10 ;) (normal price is RM18)

Anyone of you tried this type of mineral make-up? Can share your experience with me?

Here's the promotion they are having as they turn ONE today.
Throughout our one year with, we have had the joy of spreading the love for mineral cosmetics; a simple beauty revolution that is lovely to use, and loving to you.

'FIVE DAYS ONLY' specials, in conjunction with our 1st anniversary promo. We have 3 main offers:

1. A simple RM10 Anniversary Sample Kit, perfect for friends who are new to makeup in general.

2. Our famed Loving Sample Kit is now RM25... 5 days only! A perfect time for our friends and family to try mineral makeup for themselves :)

3. And of course, our Birthday Sale with discounts off full-sized products!

Check it out if you existing Loving Minerals user or like to try this new mineral make-up i the market!

Happy Deepavali to everyone! Have a wonderful weekend :)


The Very 1st Anniversary Giveaway by Chatterbox

Dear folks,

Another giveaway from my blogger friend,Hanz who is an advocate for Breastfeeding and Cloth-diapering(amongst the few causes she often blogs about at her blog here)

Now how to enter Chatterbox's 1st Anniversary Giveaway?

Follow 3 Simple Steps below:
(extracted from Chatterbox's giveaway entry)

1) Write a post / entry in your own blog about my giveaway. Just 1 post, not more, not less. Please make sure, you put up linkable this giveaway link & my Chatterbox link as well.Invite your friends to join too.

2) Visit /Browse / Surf this Chatterbox as often as you like & by all means, for any post you will find it usefulness, help yourse
lf to it but please let me know. I love to share anything that I know or experienced with others. Do get to know this Chatterbox & me, can provide your opinion, views, ideas or whatever feedbacks, be positive or negative, I'm ok with it.

3) Leave your (i) blog link entry about this giveaway &
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This giveaway starts on 15th of October & ends on 15th of November, 2009 @ 11:59pm (Malaysian time)


3 winners that might win any of these at about the same value:

1 piece of Linda Linda Enviro-Safe side sling bag

(Picture is just sample. Real prize will update soon)

L41cm x D9cm x H37cm
made of polyester water proof foldable into pocket sizegreat for storage of diapers/bottles/clothes/laundry perfect for any leisure occasion : shopping/swimming/picnic...and many more

2 pieces reusable Cloth Pad

(Picture is sample.Nevertheless it's about the same & real image will update soon)

2 pieces funky prints Cloth Wipes

(Above picture is sample only.Prints may differ in future)

Additionally, 3 early bird entries will receive Mystery Gift! So, in total 6 prizes are up for grabs & all are GREEN GIFTS!!

For more information about this giveaway,check out at Chatterbox now.


Blog Action Day '09

In conjunction to Blog Action Day today (October 15th) which focus on climate change (Check out more details on Blog Action Day here), I like to post up what are the action each individual (myself included) can do on Climate Change issue.

What WE can do Climate Change issue?
  1. Adopt Plant-based/ Vegetarian Diet (even if it's twice a week)
  2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Everyone should have heard of this 3Rs)
  3. Stop using Aerosol and other CFC products(No explanation required the its harmful effects)
  4. Go for Organic/ Natural Produce and Products (reduce carbon footprints)
  5. Promote and Support Environmental Campaign (via daily action,blogs,community work, etc)
  6. Invest in energy-saving products like light-bulbs, washing machines, refrigerator,vehicle/automobile, etc(it helps to save the environment and our wallets ;) )
  7. Turn off the lights and electricity when not in use (not just for an hour during Earth Day campaign)
  8. Use less disposables (diapers, utensils like fork, spoon,cups, containers) and bring own reusable containers for food packing
  9. Stop using plastic bags (Reusable bags are the trend now!)
  10. Car-pool, cycle,walk, buy groceries in bulk , reduce traffic congestion and carbon emission (simple steps which is good for the environment,out pockets and our health!)
Enough said, these are all very simple action EVERYONE can take towards contributing positive effect on Climate Change!

So,what are we waiting for? Let's Do It NOW!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Got Boobies?

Another Breast Awareness Campaign this time by!

Did you notice the pink ribbon, "Got Boobies" on my blog? This is from!

For every purchase of Pink Ribbon products on, RM10-15 will be donated to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM).

NCSM is funded solely through public donations and fund-raising activities. Your support will enable them to continue improving the quality of life for women with breast cancer and to create a well informed society with regard to breast health and breast cancer.

Pink Ribbon products on sales include,
+ Alice Hearts Limited Collection Handbags: Heart-shape quilted with chain handles. Colors black, grey and pink and comes in 2 sizes.
+ Pursehooks (in Pink): Unique accesory to hang your lovely bags on surfaces (and off the icky floor).
+ Beverly Collection Handmade & Customized Soft Toys: Customize your very own teddy bear and rag doll.

Preview catalogue below. Go here to view full range of Pink Ribbon products.

RM105 (RM15 donation)

RM99 (RM10 donation)

RM105 (RM15 donation)

RM20 (RM10 donation)

RM99 (RM10 donation)
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Now, Bloggers, you might be interested to know that is now having a Blog and Win Contest. Wanna win their lovely bags? Check out the details below:

Blog and win!
Do you have a blog? Put on your writing cap by posting a blog entry about the campaign and you might walk away with a FREE limited edition handbag.

what? ONE free bag each week for a total of SIX weeks
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Week 6 (28/11): Alice Mini Hearts White/Pink
*see product details here
*subject to availability

Here's how to enter the contest:

step1 Title your blog entry "GOT BOOBIES?"
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-Blog away and jabber about anything in regards to the campaign or breast cancer

step2 Make sure you link
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step4 Email Us
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Breast Cancer Month Awareness Special (1-31 October 2009)

Hi folks,

Saw this ad from ShoppingnSales. Just tot of sharing it with you ;) any expecting mommies or future mommies..hehe...

October is the month for breast cancer awareness.

In conjunction with the Pink Ribbon Month, we are having special discount on Lingerie.

Come and get refitted.

Location (Tel: 603 6141 6683)

Maternity Wearhouz

Tropicana Medical Centre

Lot 11 Jalan Teknologi

Taman Sains Selangor 1

Jalan PJU 5

47810 Kota Damansara

Petaling Jaya



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weblog popular 1Malaysia

Hi folks,

Have you heard the news? If you have missed out on the hype on Weblog popular 1Malaysia...fear not the organiser has extended the original deadline from 30th Sept 09 to 31st Oct 09!

Meaning, you have another month to nominate the blog you think deserve for Weblog popular 1Malaysia title ;)
Which blog have you picked? For me I have nominated MomBloggersPlanet as Weblog Popular 1Malaysia.

I have seen many other blog owners are currently lobbying now and ask a friend to nominate you, one of them is MomBloggersPlanet! They provides some attractive rewards which you can check here.

If you happened to be a fan and supporter of MomBloggersPlanet like me, then this is a double good news for you, as you would get to nominate for your chosen blog and win some rewards at the same time! Kills two birds with one stone ;)

So head over to nominate your Weblog Popular 1Malaysia organised by Denaihati!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009 Update -Day 2

Hi folks,

Here is my Day 2 post on Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009. Check out my previous post on this event on Part 1,Part 2 and Day 1.

For Day 2, we started off with another CEO Forum- Marketing through Social Web Media. And the panelist are the who's who in the Social Web Media now in Malaysia:

Chris Tan, Managing Partner, Chur Associates

Kid Chan, Founder & Celebrity Photographer, KIDCHANSTUDIO

Timothy Tiah, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Nuffnang

Tan Yet Mee, Founder & Editor,


Eliza Noordin, Vice President, Teak Capital

Yes, include the famous wedding or event photographer, Kid Chan and of course Nuffnang Co-founder Timothy Tiah!!

Here's a picture I managed to capture with Timothy...thanks to a new-found friend I befriended during the conference who managed to capture a shot for me before Tim is surrounded by swarms of bees or Gorgeous Geeks... :P well by the way,if you have been following Tim's blog here, you would know he's very dedicated to his Princess(gf) ok....even before agreeing to attend this conference, he have asked his Princess for the Go Ahead ok...such nice guy!!

Ok, back to the Day 2 agenda, we have Chris the geeky lawyer who has strings of associates and sit on the board for various organisation...well..although he talked a lot(lawyer ler) , rather lengthy talk but what he show on what he has done on his website(allow me to track back his site url) is rather he has used various social media tool in his site.

Then we have Kid Chan,the celebrated photographer which sorry I don't recall much of what he shared other than the story about his wife and his privacy. Maybe I am too attracted by his cool black sunglasses. But he does strikes me as a rather nice family guy, he even brought his mom along and guess what his mom uses Facebook as well! Oh yes, he did mentioned about having his Fan Page at Facebook and getting deals for his wife (a fitness instructor) from his client. The power of social media!

Then comes Timothy who demonstrated the power of social media(in this case Twitter) by calling out few names in the audience whom he have not met but have seen their twits saying that they are now attending Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009. Now that speaks out a lot about how social media

is set to transform how social networking and biz works now.

Next we have Product & Market Positioning - Applying the Blue Ocean Strategy, a true case study and real life example on the application of Blue Ocean strategy from the planning, marketing to the operation of Laurent Bleu Skin Science Centre by Sharon Ang, the lovely Centre Manager. I am eager to visit this centre to witness the technology and method they applied as a fact we received some vouchers(gg out there..anyone of you have gone to the centre or like to go...leave your comment here!)

Then, we have a wow, fast yet very very informational talk by the Ebay Power Seller cum eBay Education Specialist and owner of Chiica Consultations, Carol Fung sharing on The Online Opportunity - Why We Should Be Selling on eBay. Another real-life example topic very very good one!

Then we have another forum on Journey for Financial Support & Grant for Business Part 2 which I have not find it useful largely 'cos I have yet to have such a great SME idea which I feel valid for a grant/loan but to many women entrepreneur who attended the event,I think they find it beneficial!

Next we have E-Payment for E-Commerce: All about E-Payment and How to prevent Online Fraud by ipay88. For those who used to purchase/sell online,I think this co. is not unfamiliar for you. It's a gateway for online (credit card) purchase.

Last but not least we have Letting Customers Find YOU – and YOUR PRODUCTS, On the Internet by Hanson(the only Google Inc employee based in Malaysia and yes he is working from home too!). His talk largely focus on Google Adword. And we received Google Adword voucher from them ;) (GG, have you used your Google Adword voucher, if you don't need it, pls. let me know..I would love to have it..thanks ya!)

OK..that sums up my coverage(cheh wah) on Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009 .

Hopefully by the next event by GG, I would already become an Entreprenuer or Technopreneur!